About Us

Hi Friends…

I thought I'd introduce myself & tell you a bit about my new candle business. I'm Amanda Edwards & this is my husband, David. We started Green Creek Candle Co. together this year.

I've been making hand-poured soy candles as a hobby for quite some time. This spring, I decided to share a table at the farmer's market with my mom, who is an artist & creates beautiful stained glass. I wasn't sure if people would even be interested, but it was a chance to have some fun, get involved in the community (I'm an introvert, so this was a tough one!), & spend time with my mom.

Well, the wonderful people at the @landrummarket were buying so many of my candles that we kept selling out. After that, my husband got on board & nudged me to start my own candle business. So, that's how Green Creek Candle Co. got started.

I truly enjoy what I do & pour my heart and soul into each candle I create. I love mixing the oils and coming up with unique candles that not only smell incredible but look lovely. Playing around with names is also a lot of fun. I look forward to creating beautiful artisan candles that customers will love for many years to come.